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Pole Building Construction

Scout Construction is proud of the custom pole buildings that we build, and the customers that we serve could not be more satisfied.  Included in your custom pole building from Scout Construction is a drawing of your building, an engineered building package, site preparation, permit procurement, and an on-site representative until the final door is hung.  Scout Construction strives to provide the best possible customer experience.  Our customers receive the personal attention they deserve from one of our knowlegeable Project Managers.  We achieve this through regular contact with all representatives of our crew and by providing our customers frequent progress updates.  The Scout Construction difference is our people.  Our crew works daily by our credo of Safety, Quality, and Pride. 


Frequently Asked Questions about our pole buildings.

Q:  Why use pole buildings instead of conventional construction?

A:  Pole building can be built at a fraction of the cost of conventional buildings and with amazing strength.

Fact:  When the tragic outbreak of tornadoes occured in April of 2011 some of the only buildings left standing were those built by post framed buildings.


Q:  What gives strength to pole buildings if there are no concrete or block foundation? 

A:  Pole buildings are strong and durable because the timber materials allow the building to flex under loads and with special engineering they can be built to withstand winds in excess of 150 mph.  Our standard package has a 90 mph sustained wind rating. 

Fact:  Post framed buildings have been built by documented history since the early 1930's and most have been able to survive natural weather occurances. 

Q:  So my pole building does not have a block or concrete foundation does that mean that I can not have a usable area below grade?

A:  We can build a partial basement inside of pole building that can be used for storage or another common use is for home mechanics to have a pit for working on vehicles. 

Fact:  Partial basements can make an excellent "bug out" location for preppers and those looking for added security or food storage. 


Q:  Can a pole barn be built to code for my city or county?

A:  Yes, in brief pole barns can be built to meet any code that is set by forth by any municipality.

Fact:  Almost every pole barn is a custom building and therefore can be outfitted with every specification set forth by codes and permits.





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